How you can source the best new bingo sites

How you can source the best new bingo sites

All of us who are bingo lovers know that sourcing for the best new bingo sites is not an easy task. We all go through various articles; we read reviews and often are left more confused after doing so. Here we have done some research and found some methodologies to find the best sites. You might find it useful to try out this technique.

Reason for sourcing for new bingo sites

The only reason why we should do proper research before signing on a new website is because we are investing our hard earned money and would despise the idea of losing it.. Since we wager with real money, the security and privacy of our bank accounts and credit card have to be maintained by the site. The site should be authentic and use fair trade practices.

Comparison in general

The best way to gauge the best bingo sites is to compare several new gambling sites. The way most of us do this is by creating an excel sheet and putting the broad categories of no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, reload bonus, software used, card options etc. Put a filter and try to find out if you get what you are looking for. You may run a pivot too on excels, and that will give you a snapshot of all the sites. For excel help, make use of excel tutorials.

Comparison of bonuses on the new bingo sites

Most of us look for new bingo sites as we know that any new entrant in the market will try to capture the market share. Similar to any other business, they too will run huge promotions and offers to attract players from the existing sites as well as create interest among the new gaming enthusiasts. Use the excel sheet to jot down the various bonuses in details and make separate column for each bonus as you can do the comparison easily.

Comparison of the new games available

Many of us get bored of playing the same games on our existing sites and look for new gambling venues. Since bingo lovers are happy people who play mostly for happiness and socializing, they normally keep on looking for brand new sites that can give them the extra thrill. Some hard-core casino gamers prefer to stay hooked to one particular site for years and become champions and tournament winners in various events. However, as bingo lovers, many of you would look for that extra thrill and search for a new bingo site which has a Christmas theme when Christmas comes and a Valentine’s Day theme game when the V’day is round the corner.

Comparison of security and gaming control jurisdiction

All the reputed bingo sites are controlled by various gaming control boards like Alderney, Nevada gaming control board, gambling commission of UK etc. We must check the authenticity of the site to ensure that our money is in safe hands and the site does not exercise any unethical business practices.

Comparison of the withdraw and deposit methods

Many players experience a great deal of stress during the time of withdrawal as some sites did not offer their favorite method of withdrawal. They received the money, sometimes by wire transfer, which takes longer than required. To avoid such hassles, we suggest you to check the payment method used and most importantly withdrawal options on these newbingosites.

So now since you are equipped with the methodologies for sourcing for the best new bingo sites, go and try it out. We are sure you will come up with much better results than you achieved in the past.