Where you should play bingo if it’s your first time

Where you should play bingo if it’s your first time

Every new player has one question in mind: where to play bingo? It is not a wrong question because the availability of options is endless and you will eventually end up investing your hard-earned money. You can choose any online bingo website to play, but of course, only the best should be given consideration. There are many factors that go into deciding which bingo site is best. These include free bonuses, payout odds, jackpots, promotions and chat rooms among others.

Other than that, the security system of the site is also important. On the basis of these factors, only a few websites are best to play bingo. Read this incredible list and feel free to explore your options with these unsurpassed sites.

• Play Bingo at Bingo Mania

All bingo maniacs who want to feel the most exciting rush of winning a bingo game can head over to Bingo Mania. Even if you have never played bingo before or are new to this site, Bingo Mania has everything you need. It was established in 1996 and since then various bingo veterans have played here from all over the world. Some of the best features of the site include the following:

  • By depositing $20, you get free $100 worth of bonuses and rewards.
  • Get 100% cash back in the Slots Tourney on Fridays.
  • Win guaranteed $5,580 every month in the Summer Room.

• Bingo For Money

Based on its name, Bingo For Money is all about big jackpots and real cash prizes that are offered 365 days every year. This is the best bingo site for novices because the traditional 75 ball games, which is very easy to play, is available at the site. Every day, something new is happening and you can never get bored here when you play bingo. Even veteran gamblers can join the Guaranteed Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots.

You can look forward to the following if you join Bingo For Money:

  • Get $25 Welcome Bonus after signing up, no deposit is needed.
  • New players also get 500% bonus on their 1st deposit and 300% bonus on 2nd deposit.

• Bingo Fest

Who would not love a grand Fest of Bingo organized just to welcome new players? That’s exactly the scene at Bingo Fest. Their current promotions are jazzing up with new hot pots of cash prizes every day. All new players receive a warm welcome by getting free bonuses and rewards to try out the different games. Bingo Fest has some of these features:

  • New players get $25 along with a treat of $45 free to play bingo games and slots.
  • Get 1000% bonuses to match the sum of your first three deposits.
  • Join the Fantasy Bingo Tourney and win over $15,000 in prizes.

• Bingo Flash

Are you getting high flashes of cards in your mind? Then Bingo Flash has been designed just for you. New players who want to play online bingo, video poker, blackjack, Caribbean poker, keno and roulette can try out their luck at this bingo site without any worries.

  • Get $20 free money to play games after signing up.
  • You will also receive 500% bonus on your first deposit.
  • Join the Progressive Jackpot over $50,000 on every Friday.

Now the secret is out. You know the best websites to play bingo so what are waiting for? Grab the chance to win hundreds of dollars within a week after you sign up.